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Some jobs that we have rushed to complete


Late Delivery, Fan Installation

These 36 fans were delivered almost 2 months late and the rack contractor could not hold off for that time period. The current contractor could not install these overtop of the 30' tall, 15' deep racks; so we were called in to get them installed. The fans are 4' x 4' and weight 146 lbs. each. They are also installed on a 45 degree angle. To keep with the original deadline, we had only 6 days to install them. We finished installing the last one at 10:35 pm, with over 250 man hours; on the 6th day.


Heavy Machinery Repair

This is a facility that runs around the clock which can require service and repairs 24 hours a day. Here we are working on the back guage for a saw that slices through aluminum blocks up to 8 1/2" thick and the dust collection system that goes with it. We keep all their equipment running efficently with weekly, monthly, and bi-monthly PM's and give a future report on potential problems.


Pump rebuild

We have worked on hundreds of pumps, and they still don't always go as you want them to. When you have a $13,000 double gear pump, you can't expect any company to have spares. So it makes it crucial to get pumps and gearboxes repaired ASAP and in good working condition. With this pump, we replaced both of the seals, degreased and cleaned the wet parts, checked both rubber gears for damage, sealed it back up, and filled it with oil and grease. We turned the pump around in less then 4 hours. We also work closely with this company to keep rebuild kits and parts on hand.


Not so routine rigging!

The first 2 pictures are of a new scale, and a rebuilt bagger (disassembled). We had to move them from storage to their operational platforms. That sounds simple, except that we had to pass through a 6' wide, 6' 11" tall personal door. We flipped the bagger on its side and ended up building a custom dollie to wheel it through the door. The scale had to be rigged where it could be placed through the door, and handed off to another forklift as both couldn't fit through the door at the same time.

In the last 2 pictures, we had to install a 2 ton swing crane overtop of a stainles steel 3,000 gallon tank. We had to go overtop of process, electrical, and steam pipes hanging from the ceiling. Since this was a last minute change, all of this work had to be performed from 6 pm to 6 am to avoid a delay in other contractors finishing schedule.


Tanks - Large, Small, Steel, Stainless, Plastic

This tank job was about as awkward as you could get. We had to remove the old 9,000 gallon stainless steel tanks by taking down part of a wall, and pushing it outside the largest dock door. The problem is the new 10,000 gallon plastic tank were a lot wider, and could only fit through the railroad doors. We had to coordinate with the railroad company, and managed to slide the tank into the oversized door. Afterwards, we installed them into their new positions and rebuilt the wall we tore down.