Country Metals, LLC
Everything Metal and More!

Country Metals, LLC started in 2006, as an ornamental iron fabrication company. During the first 2 years, we took on multiple customers in the food industry. In 2008, we have completely switched entirely to industrial fabrication and maintenance. Today, many customers have come to rely on Country Metals as their premier contractor of choice when it comes to quality, reliability, and reasonable prices.

    Welding, Fabrication, Machining

    Sanitary, Process, & CIP Piping, Mezzanines

  • Conveyors (Screw & Belted, Flat, Curved, & Inclined)
  • Stairs, Railings, Frames, Columns, Bollards
  • Custom Machinery, Guards, Material Racks
  • Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Steel
  • Locating & Re-Use of Current and Used Equipment


    Industrial Services

    24 Hr Emergency Repairs, Plant Maintenance

  • Rigging/Lifting, Hydraulics, Pump & Gearbox Rebuilds
  • High Pressure Boiler Operator
  • Heavy Machinery Repair, Tank Installation & Removal
  • Affordable Welding, Industrial, and NBW Supplies


    General Construction

    Offices, Plumbing, Lighting, IMP, Demolition

  • Concrete, Asphalt, Retaining Walls, Stone
  • Pole Buildings, Partitions, Duct Work
  • Site Work, Drains, Irrigation
  • Snow Plowing, Brine Solution, Salting


    Everyday Shop Work

    Everything from production runs to single parts

  • Plasma, Lazer, and Water Jet Parts
  • Manufacturer Replacement Parts
  • Prototypes and New Designs
  • Critical Measurment Production Runs