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Some projects that we have completed


Stainless Steel Sanitary Mezzanine

Here are some pictures of a mezzanine that was 12' by 27' and only 3" away from the walls on 3 sides. This project was built completely onsite and was designed to handle 2 scales and baggers with framework in place for a third set-up. It is built completely from 304L stainless steel with a special traction floor. The stairs were only item that was shop fabricated.


Sucrose Processing Facility

This sucrose processing facility was a continuing build that eventually outgrew the building. The facility was able to produce over 70,000 gallons per day, or just over 25 million gallons per year. Over the course of 3 years, we welded and installed over 9,000 feet of 2" and 3" sanitary tube, 11 tanks, 18 pumps (5 HP to 50 HP), 32 tube and shell heat exchangers, and built custom UV lights and other filtering equipment. We also designed and help implement a new acid transportation method to deliver chemicals to tanks from barrels without having any chemical exposed to personnel. All of this had to be completed while maintaining the running schedule of 24/7/363.


Aluminum Roof Ladders

These aluminum roof ladders were designed and fabricated to only take up minimal room, and still be fully functional. These ladders do not have to be anchored down to the roof, and allows these to be easily moved for future expansions. The main frames and handrails are fully welded together and only the steps are removable. This allows the strongest frame with a cheaper cost. Aluminum ladders are more cost efficient due to the ease of movement they allow. If steel were used, then a crane would be required for installation and moving.