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Custom jobs are never easy. There are a lot of complex things that can go wrong and cause loss of profits; so most companies don't want to get involved with them. Country Metals, LLC on the other hand welcomes these types of jobs, and we get referrals quite often from other companies. The jobs below have at least 1 thing really hard about them. It could be a small timeline, working in exceptionally bad weather, or no one can figure out how to do the job period. See if you would have your employees do these types of jobs or would you contract it out to us also.



Jobs you can get lost in.

Haddonfield Bank 10'x12'x9' Bronze Foyer Polishing ..... Forever!


This bank in Haddonfield NJ had to have its foyer be refinished back to its original luster from when it was built in 1930. Country Metals, LLC took on this task since the timeline was extremely short. As you can see in the top photo, the deep brown around the words resembles what the whole foyer looked like before we started. After 2 weeks of constant polishing with 4 guys, we finished the job inside and out. We applied 5 layers of environmentally friendly clear coat to keep it shinning for a long time. The "Haddonfield Office" part and doors did not have to be polished since a new sign and doors would be installed.


Safety Deposit Box Removal ..... Don't call them last


These safety deposit boxes were quite a challenge to remove. It wasn't because the door was only 32" wide and we couldn't get any kind of lift in there, or that they weighed up to 825 lbs, but it was the fact this room was the last room in the bank to be remodeled. We had to remove all 7 boxes w/o making a scratch on anything, or a mark on the floor. We fabricated a custom gantry crane to fit inside the vault to lift up and move the boxes onto...... If we revealed all of our secrets, we wouldn't be in business.
In this case, we were called after 7 contractors turned down the job.


Wedding Day Scramble


When your daughter gets married, you want to make it as special as you can. Well, this was great show for everyone at the reception, but it made us scramble to complete on time. This wedding arch went through 2 contractors, delaying time by 53 days, before it was referred to us. By the time we got it, we had exactly five and a half days to design, show a sample, fabricate and deliver to the painter so he had 4 days to apply 6 colors and let the paint dry. The person in charge told us the last contractor wanted to build it from 1x1/8" steel flat bar. Upon our sample, we had it changed to 3/4" x 1/8" aluminum square tubing. Not only did we build it was past anyone’s expectations, but we designed it to fold in half to fit inside the reception area in which no one thought of getting it inside a set of double doors. The main support is rolled 2x1x1/8" aluminum tubing; the scrolls are 3/4 x 1/8" aluminum tubing. The whole things measures 13'6" at widest point and 38" tall.